Emma Alley & Jess Bernhart

Emma Alley is a movement artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her works explore the language of movement ­­ the world of the body. She is interested in what can be revealed through touch, space, and gesture.

Emma received her BFA in Dance from Florida State University, where she was educated in traditional dance techniques as well as healing systems such as Pilates, GAGA, and Gyrokinesis. Her mission is to use movement as a tool for inspiration, empowerment, and connection. She does this through the teaching of yoga, pranic healing, dance experiment, meditation, and performance. She is a member of local company E​mily Cargill and Dancers,​in addition to working collaboratively with other artists in the Atlanta area.

Jess Bernhart is a poet living in Atlanta, GA. Her work draws from post­modernist philosophy, the body, lost / found / invented memories, and the experience of time, She is interested in the ways that poetry is typically written and shared, and how to meaningfully break those conventions open.

Jess holds a BA in philosophy and Masters in Sociology. She has performed in 368 Ponce’s Sibyl, with the performance installation PLEASE READ ALOUD. She also frequently performs with the artist Lavonia Elberton, and has performed at Kibbee Gallery, Nelson St Gallery, the Goat Farm, Mother, The Jungle, and The Church of Lavonia Elberton. She is a regular contributor to Creative Loafing and has published poems in American Chordata, Eyedrum Periodically, the Southern Women’s Review, and others.

Performing: Strange Touch​ | Location: 368, 2nd Floor, Ball Room | Duration: 20 minutes  Time: 2-6pm